New Gen Campus

Jun 19, 2024

Kiran is a fourth-generation educator. While his father N Vijaya Kumar wanted to start only one school, Kiran, director of the National Centre for Excellence (NCFE) schools, believes in spreading the dream to more and more people. Under his leadership, Vijay Kiran Education Trust has set up its third campus in Mandur and also plans to set up a fourth one in Bengaluru North soon.

"For me, the path was almost certain. For four generations, our family has been a group of educators. I was also set to follow the same footpath," Kiran said. After returning from the UK after his Masters, Kiran plunged into the activities of school. "Initially, my dad would make me sit and watch how the school was functioning. I would get trained from the grassroots level," he said. His sister Keerthi Vijayakumar handles the human resources side.

"The greatest challenge was the old generation was focused on academic performance and rote learning. We had to transform towards a more holistic education with equal importance to factors such as emotional intelligence, extracurricular activities, having a more agile classroom, among others. We tried to cater to diverse needs of students and become more inclusive in nature," he shared.

Schools governed by Kiran Vijayakumar: NCFE CV Raman Nagar, NCFE Indiranagar, and NCFE Mandur, which together have about 3,000 students

Three things he is doing differently: My focus is to help students balance their digital learning with traditional pen-and-paper resources. Another key area of support is student well-being through mental health initiatives. Additionally, maintaining an active connection with parents regarding their child's learning progress is mandatory.

What he is most concerned about today: The need for inclusive education. I'm dedicated to creating an environment where every student, regardless of his or her abilities, background, learning styles, or being differently abled, feels valued, supported, and able to reach his/her full potential.

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